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With a decade in the making, a popular German Foodblog aims to be more responsive with its relaunch. Blogger and author Petra Hammerstein has her second book coming out. In her day job, she also takes care of her family business. A 35 year old antiquarian bookshop in Munich’s University district.

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Relaunch of ‘the courage of others’ food blog

Hammerstein’s food blog translates to ‘The courage of others’. It encourages readers to follow suit and find joy in their daily cooking routine as does lady Hammerstein. A busy inner city woman to take on grocery shopping and cooking as a most normal thing on earth. Her content comes without the injection of today’s relentless invasion of buzzwords. (You won’t find much if any mentions of ‘bio’ or ‘nutrition facts’ to push you around and make you feel out of control).

Petra chose Vladimir Kulesh’s Melina theme for its structure and focus on featured content. Esther Nowack, a long term WordPress developer from Berlin, recovered some 900 original recipes. They are now available in schema org data structure. Discovery of these true and tried – home made recipes with your search engine is more likely now.

Christoph Schwingenstein, is a well respected man in modern day farming and otherwise. He was much impressed with her headcheese recipe. He put it in jars. Labeled it. And was proven right by a first sold out charge. He even set up a little farm store on his farmland in Chiemgau. A farm for the breed and mast of black pasture pigs (Porco Alentejano).

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