The German audience grew up listening to American and British music. English songs have become their cultural imprint. English sung songs are inherit, natural, preferred songs in Germany.

German “Schlager”, a German only populist diversion of folk music are equivalent to Newton’s law of marketing – for every trend there is an equal and opposite counter-trend. Or perhaps a rural population that grew up with German sung lullaby songs carried “Schlager” into the cities.

The failed German new wave movement of the 80’s did eventually feature talented musicians unknown to the mainstream population, capable of composing uniquely German sung songs with uniquely German melodies of an unsquidable German longing.

But who has ever heard of a Band called Lemminge and their interpretation of the Lorelei?

Annenmaykantereit are a German band with songs sung in their native language that don’t make you want to vanish. Sung by the strong voice of a scrawny boy, when you expect a tall overweight tenor.