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Although Markus Gabriel must share some of the huge interest in this entry with Peanuts’ and Peteski’s popularity, a good portion of interest remains for intended content.

In her book, De l’Allemagne, which was published 1813 in England, after it was forbidden 1810 in France, the Frenchwoman madame de Staël spoke of the Germans as versing and thinking humans.

The ideal of the connection of art and science, esp. the philosophy is being updated by Gabriel’s new philosphy and conventionally distributed through his book, the knowledge transfer however is broken, it requires the widely spread and operation of a responsive system for citizens to pick up in the 21st century where the age of enlightenment left of in the 17th century.

No hard to overcome, huge obstacle, knowledge transfer takes place digitally from one to many and affordable CM systems are readily available off-the-shelf.



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I’ve developed a new philosophy… I only dread one day  at a time.


US entry
Dec 18th, 2013



Markus Gabriel

For two hundred years,
Germany has been a market leader in all things philosophy, now is the time to revive the tradition.

Due to the economic position, Germany must take on more responsibility globally, at the very least in its European context.

Germany must know how they want to be viewed in Europe.

In command of the German language read on.



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Ich habe eine neue Philosophie entwickelt. Ich fürchte nur
einen Tag nach dem anderen.


German entry
Dec 18th, 2013



Neuer Realismus von Markus Gabriel

Zweihundert Jahre lang sei Deutschland Marktführer in Sachen Philosophie gewesen, nun sei es an der Zeit, diese Tradition wieder aufleben zu lassen.

Deutschland muss aufgrund der ökonomischen Vorrangstellung mehr Verantwortung übernehmen im globalen, mindestens aber im gesamteuropäischen Zusammenhang.

Deutschland soll wissen als
was es in Europa gesehen werden will.