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When mankind was known as cavemen, they became creative after a successful day of hunting. Having returned to the safety of the cave, and hunger has been satisfied, won insights during the day were processed with so-called cave paintings.

Known Paleolithic cave paintings did not contain ideas but reflections of made experiences during the day. Hence the 17,300 years old paintings primarely consisted of large animals to have lived in the area at the time.

Today the order is reversed.

To repel hunger and poverty, i.e. after you are done with school or to prevent poverty at old age, you must become creative.

Go identify weak products and services and beat them in the favour of the people with better usability and clearer communication.

Today a founder or small business owner engaged in social media who proves to be of continued value and relevance to a growing following, can outperform a big brand’s campaign launched on a big budget a couple years from now.

A robust self understanding remains a prerequisite.

The other great hint we get from Paleolithic cave paintings is one of the power of insights. No ideas were worth getting painted on cave walls only insights.

What is being shared on todays web are insights more than anything else, not ideas. By sharing valued insights your reputation grows as an entrepreneur. Leave ideas to comedians and ad agencies.

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