Xue Ruozhe, Rafael Ochoa

Xue Ruozhe                                          Rafael Ochoa



I need a guide
With a bias toward New Objectivity (German: Neue Sachlichkeit) this site is eye candy for its visitors. It offers guidance on your search for truth and beauty. The works of Rafael Ochoa and Xue Ruozhe caught my attention. Let a simple pull down with categories guide you: architecture, design , paintings , music , illustrations , installation

What the site doesn’t tell you is always of interest for media designers. No source. No “about us”, no privacy statement, no disclaimer, no contact…



New objectivity (Neue Sachlichkeit) is a means to imply a turn towards practical engagement with the world—an all-business attitude, understood by Germans as intrinsically American: “The Neue Sachlichkeit is Americanism, cult of the objective, the hard fact, the predilection for functional work, professional conscientiousness, and usefulness.

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I need a guide