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It’s the loss of the web, as decentralized network amongst independent pc’s, to the effect of its initially intended purpose of being an undistructable and undisruptable system beyond control of any given malicious government or corporation

How could this magnetic new world, with the chances of survival and empoweremnt it offered for start-ups, family and mid-szed businesses as much as to any other entity collaps and lose its sense and sensibilities?

The end of the web was not caused by anything the likes of conspiracy, it came about by its users moving their habitual activities into social networks as if the web itself wasn’t social and resorting to cloud computing as inevitable.

Data including the achievements by the congnitive surplus is being transferred from the individual to the provider of proprietary social networks and/or the cloud provider.

To the effect of when plastic cards came into play and ultimately contributed to the world financial crisis.

Helplessness and anguish the citizen experiences with increased costs of commodities, will be surpassed by the indignation you need to prepare yourself for, once you learn the extend of trade your data and accomplishments are subject to.


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iCloud: When it rains it pours



Alert young New Yorkers, who don’t wish their data to be accessed by governments or corporations, have begun to reinitiate the web with pirate box.

  • PirateBox takes file-sharing off the radar and offline, for next to nothing.

    To make it easy on you

    The web has reinstatet its organic origins before.

    When, after all brand money was thrown at it in a failed attempt by ill equipped ad agency creatives to win the world wide web over by giving web pages much of the same treatment as they were accustomed to from paper ads and the desperate use of flash, the web retaliated with the uprise of blogs and returned to its genuine browsing defaults and to what Le Courbusier has coined as ‘less is more’.

    Learning by observing start-ups with new business models is sound advice for family businesses as much as for large corporations. It is as it is with raising kids, as they grow attention must increase exponentially not level off and with awards and beginners luck comes responsibility of paying even more attention.

    Stay away from anything mommey blogers are not making use of.

    For European, especially German businesses I’d say, I haven’t comem across a mommey blogger who fiddles with Drupal, Typo3, Joomla or bloated content management systems, nor rely on expensive SAP services.


    It is way easier.


    An entry by Seth Godin earlier today comes in handy.