75 years of Story Telling meets New Gen Comic Artist

DC Comics reveals new peeling back logo, new gen comic artist, Elizabeth Blue has revamped her web presence while back in England, her first comic book goes to press by Atlantic Press.

When you think about DC superheroes such as Batman, Superman, Superwoman, Green Lantern, there’s a secret identity. The new DC logo reflects a common denominating nature of DC characters as individuals and dual identities (read on here.).

√úbermensch heroes yes, but with a difference. While conventional comics picture a fully developed hero with superpowers in place, the reader gets thrown right into pow wow action, new gen comic artists must start from scratch and have the story begin before superpowers have fully developed.

Both, their own and the superpowers of their heroes.

Leaving behind the anti hero of the 90s, heroes are the girl next door or the one successful Fables’ heroine, Frau Totenkinder (German for dead children) at around age 70.


New gen comic heroes are heroines

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Patsy Cline

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Joanna Newsom


Lady Day


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Elizabeth Currier Credentials





Elizabethan Days on tumblr

Normal is the new spectacular


How she got away with murder

Here’s a review of “The Micanopy Murders Book One” by Andy Oliver on Broken Frontier. And here is an insightful story by Laura Ruggeri of how the graphic novelist helps teens tell stories through comics.


Design offers a path to integrated marketing

A path best traveled one step at a time.

A beautiful and most meaningful advantage for brand building and introducing a business to the market in our post-digital time, is taking confidence and comfort in interactivity. A purely psychological effort of not taking yourself too serious and superb accomplishment.

It separates the procrastinators from the believers.

No need to plan the outcome in advance. Get done with your first step already, rather than falling prey to the old word insanity as marketing planning suggested, since you can’t foresee the action or responses of your most important prospects, those you aim to turn into happy customers.

It matters most to get started and it does not matter what your initiative will be.

Thus development is a friend and it evolves naturally over time.

Do become a member of the cult of done now.


Elizabethan Days
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Extensions to your brand focus on a particular product and its promotion.



Facebook profile picture or thumbnail of an oil painting of a royal family member?