Far right: Jason Everman. Photo: Ian Tilton.

Far right: Jason Everman. Photo: Ian Tilton.


Clay Tarver’s offers a good read about Jason Everman with a Siddhartha Gautama type chronicle of going from one extreme to another.

He played with two influential bands, namely Soundgarden and Nirvana before exercising quite the opposite and joining an elite force of the US army and became one of those bearded guys riding a horse in Afghanistan fighting the Taliban.

What gives, the reader my wonder.

Obviously it is an up beat story about not allowing misfortune define you. Yes, I too find the story interesting, however it makes me feel uneasy to learn that after a life based on seemingly society independent gut decisions, it is still the community, the public, (the reader) to make a final judgement.

I’m afraid getting away from it all is a concept of yesteryear.


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