How blogging changed my life

It didn’t.

Much rather, it allowed me to stay illusive and continue.

Continue into the by far most interesting time, the advertising industry has ever encountered.


“Blog like the wind”

Perhaps the most gratifying and amazing thing that will happen is that you will likely come to accept development as a friend.

When I started my career at age 17, I enjoyed a steady balance of confidence either by means of healthy self esteem or trust in god.

Either one would keep me cheerfully moving on.

While in fact it was owning a small regatta sailboat on lake Starnberg, where I grew up, that is to be credited for pleasantry and the healthy life/play balance.

39 years later, I can claim the same, but with a difference.

I now have come to trust development rather.

Even though I currently have no boat of my own nor that of my whilom father, nor much of anything else to show for. 

Development is a friend

Take analytics for instance.

I have no idea what I am looking at when looking at the analytics dashboard.

Two weeks later these same analytics demonstrate how traffic from google uk increased after I had associated myself with a group of people I think highly of in London.


How blogging changed my life

Other than for business, I see no use in blogging. A curriculum at best and chronicle of ones business pursuit, blogging makes me want to start from scratch at my own risk, with no money down.

With a budget I’d do tv ads.