Haum knitting factory: Sandra Sieber with mother and daughter.Watch the video here.

Hot selling item from the Bavarian Alps on the catwalk.


Soinsee, Rotwand and Rotkopf.

Breitenstein, Kids-1 and Traithen

Auerspitz, Kitzbühel and Wildenkar


Sandra Sieber, a single mother with a day job at the local bank, started selling her classic woolen winter hats from her booth at the local christmas market to the extend that demand spread beyond the village people of Bayrischzell.

A village in the Bavarian Alps best known for its ski resorts Wendelstein, Sudelfeld and Rosskopf.

Order yours, custom hand woven to your specifications on
Sandra’s haum page.

“Think Bavarian, Act Global.” reads an embroidery on a polo shirt, I bought from a souvenir store at one of the many Bavarian king castles.

Unintentionally perhaps, Sandra Sieber may have founded an eco system of her own.

With plenty of competitors jumping onto the homegrown bespoke knitting factory bandwagon, demand for Mrs. Sieber’s product is steadily growing since 2010.

Think of the many elderly farm women with professional knitting skills eager to support the family income from their remote locations.