A new typeface for
Bodo Sperlein, London

Shortly before Maison & Objet in Paris, Bodo asked me to come up with an enhanced, somewhat more significant typeface for his London based design consultancy. A visit to an exhibition by name of ‘typography of terror’ got him all fired up and I furnished a couple constructivist mood boards which where really, quite the opposite of what his brand conveys.

The consultancy is doing very good, quietly expanding into the Asian market.

Bodo is a horribly energetic whirlwind, yet the consultancy’s corporate identity is the other extreme. Low key. Unobtrusive. Classic, Art school.

Why fix it if it ain’t broken…

Technically savvy Chris, who has recently moved on, had already helped make the site sociable by partially integrating it with the wordpress cms platform as was discussed during a phone call last year (later the design consultancy has moved on to Squarespace).

Now it is on Charly to have fun with the enabled technical possibilities.

Instead of adding noise to the logotype, that may somewhere down the line prove a nuisance, I decided to change the general look and feel (emphasis on feel).

But with a difference, by incorporating the new typeface for the copy rather than just the logotype.

What gives?

The brand character gets injected—or for a less aggressive word, embedded in the subconsciousness unobtrusively. The visitor can’t help but focus on the copy type in order to find out about the consultancy.

Alas, I failed much to my chagrin to communicate the advantage of addressing the visitors subconscious by way of content typography.



Hideko is a visually unique font that has the essence of both serif and sans-serif fonts through integrating the body structure of sans-serif while retaining the calligraphy from serif. Hideko was inspired by synthesizing Japanese calligraphy and western letters. During the process of creating Hideko, typographer Khaito Gengo attempted to make a font only for oriental use, but the result is a font with versatile uses.

Hideko by Khaito Gengo

Hideko Light by Khaito Gengo


Bodo masthead Hideko and Hideko light



Delice Pudding BowlHideko on White Sculptural[column width=”47%” padding=”3%”]

brand site with Hideko font

[column width=”47%” padding=”3%”]

brand site with Hideko font made sociable


Choose either of the above to enlarge and select here to open the current site in another browser window and have a side by side comparison.

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