A proven way to
win business and
create a following

Kevin Allen now has a way with words of what he has been gently training McCann marketing practitioners all along.

I have enjoyed Kevin Allen’s presentation with Sean Condon, back then at McCann’s now defunct headquarters in Frankfurt, Germany.

The Hidden Agenda lays out concrete steps to identify “who” you are reaching, “what” elements you can connect with, and “how” to connect your audience with the end goal of simultaneously winning the sell and establishing an ongoing collaborative relationship.

Allen’s book is full of anecdotes of hard-won advertising campaigns, from Mastercard’s iconic ‘Priceless’ campaign to Rudy Giuliani’s mayoral campaign which also triggered The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell.

Even though set in a time when none of us knew to be dead wrong with much of what we practiced, in The Hidden Agenda, Allen describes in practical terms an entirely new way to compel people to follow you. His approach is not about persuading, but about creating a connection that assures a mutual win.