Dominik Schwarz chronicle, celebrating 6 month of chronic customer support failure


A six month chronicle of Dominik Schwarz cancelling his telekom service

We can’t seem to live a happy life without phone, mobile and internet provider. And we don’t seem to care about the provider as long as the services provided just work.

Telecommunication companies know that and couldn’t care less about their individual users as long as they have large numbers subscribing to their services to rely on and to satisfy the shareholders.

For the customer it’s about costs.

For the company it’s about numbers

Dominik Schwarz took personal what by default is hopelessly impersonal and seems to have fun in building a relationship were there is no relationship. Scan his cancelling correspondence with the company here.



The company’s twitter account claims: You are being helped by the Telekom service team @Telekom_hilft, fully convinced that services in 140 characters just work.