Helayne Spivak

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Helayne Spivak talks with Edward Boches about advertising, staying relevant, digital change and more at BDW’s Making Digital Work. August, 2011, from Boulder, Colorado.

Obviously I love this and find it uplifting for good reason, I ran a MySpace account years ago called FiftySomething.

If I may ad my 2 cents to the conversation, neither Helayne Spivac, nor Edward Boches, nor myself have much in common with newborn christians or troopers the likes of Lisa Minelli. Helayne Spivac took a healthy 7 year break before continuing as CCO at Saatchi Health.

Time well spent on reconsidering and repurposing yourself. You simply can’t have a holistic view of the industry from an inside viewpoint.

What creative roles do we want to take on for the next 30 years?

Boulder Colorado’s Making Digital Work is most likely one of the better hands-on demonstrations of what it takes to move on.

How do I give back to my ad industry in recognition of a good life in advertising?

How can I experience more joy on the way to world domination?

A good life in advertising is the best revenge.



I’ve never shot a bull rhino before but they say that if one is chasing you and you shoot it in its head it will run a mile and a half before it knows it’s dead. And that’s what the agency (referring to a past employer) was like. A hole in its head, still running, not knowing it was dead.

—Helayne Spivak

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