I was sure to have brought Helliemae's to your attention earlier but I haven't

To be considered for a generous small business grant, Helliemae’s needs 250 votes

  1. Go here
  2. Login with your facebook account
  3. Look for Vote Local!
  4. Search for Helliemae’s and choose Colorado from the drop down menu
  5. Cast your vote

Consider yourself a member of the cult of done.

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Best practice

Visit Ellen’s blog and learn more about how astonishing, simple means helped grow a business (off the shelf, default packaging materials, rubber stamps, core blog, trust-worthy video and a way with words…).

Multinational brands take note.

It takes a founder, as in this case, who knows her way around technology (both, her manufacturing needs and new technologies) and how to connect the dots offered along the way.