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Responsive Hollywood



What if Elon Musk ran a major Hollywood studio?

What could Hollywood learn from design thinking, agile software development, lean manufacturing, and sociocracy? What do edge cases like Veronica Mars über Kickstarter mean for Hollywood’s future? How worried should the movie business be about House of Cards, True Detective, and Breaking Bad? What about Oculus Rift? What about gaming?



Experts in design thinking, agile development, lean manufacturing, sociacracy, gaming biz, data analysis, movie biz, TV biz, generalists and fandom sign up.

The call for help was issued March 24.



Bud Caddell only recently left his LA agency power house Deutsch to set up a West Coast office for Undercurrent, has many questions and asks your help with finding answers.

Undercurrent was first to extend Gareth Kay’s transformer speech from 2010 which coined the universal marketing solution of ideas that do (it’s not what you do but what people do with it) to an organisational level with upgrading outdated operating systems in politics, society, and economy with a responsive os to keep pace with the speed of the 21. century.

After an open letter to Yahoo’s Marissa May, Bud Caddell asks your help with a study on how Hollywood will produce and distribute movies.

What would Scofield do?



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