Hello again Fanta Classic

Underrated Fanta Classic bottle.

Hello again


“Hello again”

World class reliabie ads


Fanta, a Coca Cola brand
Ogilvy & Mather, Germany
Suzie Kerstins and her Band Klee from Cologne

Fanta Klassik


1Fanta is one of the few world wide successful product brands by the Coca Cola empire created in Germany. Coca Cola’S branch invented Fanta in Germany, during World War II. A reaction to the feedstocks embargo imposed by the enemy.

The adverts script sucks as much as its execution, but the soundtrack has many listeners and is to the liking of the majority of the German public.

The song’s original is by South African singer songwriter Howard Carpendale. Its category is ‘Schlager’ which is the German version of a pop song dumbed down.