Steve Jobs' biography and the learning thermostat from Nest


Now that everyone in the industry has studied Steve Jobs biography over the course of the holidays, which part didn’t you understand?

It’s the product, that holds all answers to the near future’s hits and misses. If any good, it offers a direction for everything else needed for its proper market launch. Be it packaging, marketing, distribution or what have you.

If your product doesn’t hold all the answers, don’t bring it to market.

Move on to the next idea.

We don’t need more, we need better products.


The Nest thermostat demonstrates best practice on what to make of Steve Jobs legacy

Former Apple iPad manager Tony Fadell and former iPad developer Matt Rogers have caused a stir and vowed us all with a new business model of their own, the nest thermostat.

An early comment noted, someone wanted to join nest and develop a self-learning sprinkler system.

Way to go, now think of all the crap devices you have in your home. So yes people are long at it with ideas or extensions of their own (technically inclined have a look here).


One of the worst products I can think of are our landline telephones.



Is there anyone out there? Can one of the big brand names please stand up and transform our landline telephone into something useful, something helpful?

General Electric, Bang Olufsen? Anyone?