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Dojo Berlin
Micky Suelzer



As the camera rolls back it becomes obvious that the girls father keeps a watchful eye over his daughter even in the most intimate situations.



Dojo Berlin street art

Dojo street art



Here now what Dojo Berlin writes on their website. Deezer is propably the most audioerotic business in the hear and now. Relaying on pure will power, they accomplished to compress all the greats in music history. Albeit their great ego all humbly fit onto the broken display of your popular smart phone. In sharp contrast to your ex girlfriend your music is there for you when you need it.

When the people at Deezer invited us to the pitch, it occurred to us that you can goddamn hear what you want to hear. The outcome: thousand of app downloads and millions of clicks in the currently popular internet. More important though, our ice-cold, next-door kiosk man now greets us. #itwasallastream

Dojo compromises the local ad scene with their juvenile approach to creativity and brilliant casting. No license to kill required.



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