Schinken Mozarella Tramezzini

Thunfischcreme Tramezzini

Tramezzini with tuna fish creme

Tramezzini caprese

Tramezzini mit Räucherforellencreme

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Hammerstein & Maier,
the tiny start up coffee shop in Munich’s Augusten street

Corinna Maier und food blogger Petra Hammerstein, two girl friends who run the coffee shop since May, are happy with being able to pay the bills and to be in receipt of praise and compliments they get from customers.

With praise comes responsibility and the two won’t allow themselves for getting pushed around. They wish to stay ahead of demand. Coffee is served with less sweetened cakes and cookies. Guests are becoming increasingly sophisticated, often more knowledgeable than the host, and Hammerstein & Maier are paying attention to the desire for “normal”.

The sensation of normal is likely a dominant success factor in Munich’s gastronomy.

The coffee has already made a name for itself and will soon be offered as Hammerstein & Maier brand. With catering and promoting take out, they aim for gain a profit in the coming year.

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