Which one are you?

Having been there, done all, I’d say, I am the thief. But that space is taken by Faris Yacob.Been there did nothing (Schulz)

Due to my most recent hick-up №4, when I spilled my retirement cash into Berlin’s river Spree, I have returned to being a graphic designer and help people succeed with their businesses bottom up at the most needed level. Their website.

With a difference, I do the hacking myself. I am at my best in branding – connecting the dots – exactly as it has been said about Steve Jobs. The dots I connect are objects and hunches I follow. I aim at getting it done with the most basic of available assets, my choice of prefab, off-the-shelf templates (blog dna) and hand-picked web fonts.

I’ve had the same school of people on my radar since their discovery (me stumbling upon their digital left behinds shortly after the Berlin hick-up in 2006 mentioned earlier), and I am as excited as envious to see Ana Andjelic and Gareth Kay edit a book on the future of advertising and John V Willshire starring in the video. How refreshing!

Alas, I don’t like the book cover all too much. Here’s one I’d like to see on the market.



remake of book cover



Questions addressed in the book are:

  • What does the industry need to do today (not tomorrow) to stay valuable and relevant?
  • What the f**k do clients know about great advertising?
  • How can copying make you more original?
  • How do we ‘do’ innovation?
  • Should we make things people want rather than make people want things?
  • How do you find emotional resonance in real time marketing?
  • What’s the best way to punch procrastination in the face?
  • And why are we so excited by the next generation of advertising?