My Munich campaign

Bavarian Walter Matthau as grumpy old spokesperson in Hofbräu’s MyMunich campaign


Munich’s world renown Hofbräu brewery has silently launched their new “my Munich” campaign on a local budget.

If you want to talk disrupt and how traditional brands are brought into the new world bottom up, start here.

Three films were produced as collaborative effort on a local budget with students of Munich’s University of Television and Film (HFF) for airing in local movie theatres, but are now also aired by regional Bavarian TV stations.

The actors, supposedly layman actors, all speak Munich dialect which is known as not to be comprehensive for the rest of Germany, bring to life the grumpiness for which the Munich beer garden service personnel is infamous for.

The claim also plays with the inaccessibility of a society traditionally anything but open-minded toward a world outside of beloved booming Bavaria.

MADE IN MUNICHEach spot closes with the claim of the grumpy spokesperson (think of Walter Matthau as authentic red neck) as a heart felt deep sigh:

“Munich you are killing me.”


Watch movie spot.