Yesterday I found pleasure in letting the numbers do the talking. I ran a list I started in 2007 of favorite new shops up against trusted agencies we all grew up with.

New Ad AgenciesTrusted Ad Agencies
43,539 estimated daily visits90,360 estimated daily visits
While there is plenty of room for improvement and US boutique shops must stay focused and intensify innovation and idea, the German market shows hardly any gap in interest between new versus trusted.

New Ad AgenciesTrusted Ad Agencies in Germany
56,782 estimated daily visits62,667 estimated daily visits

New advertising agencies versus trusted ad agencies

Every so often we gain insights when comparing apples to pears. It worked surprisingly well comparing international new boutique agencies with global networking agencies active in the German market (view German table). For the German market it would take less than 20 thousand more visitors per day to have the gap filled. This lends reason to believe that the interest we take in trusted networking agencies we grew up with is as great as the interest is in start ups or boutique shops i.e. New Advertising Agencies having been around for as little as a few months and less than 15 years.

New Ad AgenciesVisitors per day*Trusted Ad AgenciesVisitors per day*
Sapient Nitro213Ogilvy7,321
Mother New York1,022Saatchi6,776
Strawberry Frogless than 10Doyle Dane Bernbach6,133
Tequilaless than 10Young & Rubicam5,117
Naked3,347Euro RSCG5,246
Taxi607Wieden + Kennedy2,155
IGA Worldwide754Bartle Bogle Hegarty3,815
Mr. Youth5,051J. Walter Thompson6,629
imc²8,016Crispin Porter Bugovsky3,815
Perfect Fools3,913Grey5,905
T3 Think Tank1,363Wunderman6,259
We are social7,984Publicis3,432
Mullen 3,743BBDO4,738
Barbarian Group6,654Fallon4,866
gh697Leo Burnett 6,445

* Visitor stats revealed by Statbrain. Nov 9 09

It helps to know that outlier Hugh McLeod, with his cartoons drawn on the back of business cards, is happy to welcome 9,994 visitors per day at Gaping Void. You good sir can depend on your social network more than any of the network agencies.

To fully understand how ‘social’ determines success or failure, read the story of success. Malcolm Gladwell Outliers.

  • has 7,735 viewers per day, adds 664
  • anomali are making it hard on themselves
  • RIA is not such good an idea unless it supports social interaction
  • Why not make use of WordPress for your credentials site?
  • What’s with you strawberry frog, Tequila?
  • We are social defines social charmingly in the Queen’s English

Advertisers must now reach an understanding of 3 core components and how they interact when choosing an agency for their marketing issues.

  1. Good old in-your-face advertising
  2. unsurpassed immediacy of digital marketing
  3. both combined with ‘social’ at their core