Good and bad are at the core of the current double feature edition of Germany’s highbrow economy magazine brand eins. I picked up the light blue edition of this double feature at the local Edeka grocery store.

A few minutes ago, I posted to my daughter: “Have your theater industry and artist colleagues entertain you well, but not at the expense of building your own business”. The timing couldn’t be any better.

I much welcome ‘good and bad’ as a welcome topic for a time saving entry. No big thing.


Good is what is helpful.
Dumb and bad everything else.


Should any questions be left open, here is one that is worth consuming yourselves with:

“How bad do I have to be to do good?”


A mind boggling and rather consuming question should it ever be of relevance to you, for your relief here’s something easy going by the Kooks:

See The Sun von The Kooks


Good and Bad double feature edition of German high brow economy magazin Brand Eins.
© brand eins, Hamburg