The Awakening – The first ten minutes (Apple trailer exclusive)


Will we still need to see the full body of work?

They once said you can’t judge a book by its cover.

However that is exactly how we go about most everything.

Love at first sight: Malcolm Gladwell encourages us to regain trust in our first impressions and spontaneous instincts with his bestselling book Blink.

I judge movies without having seen them by their posters and more recently by their trailers.

With books it used to be the other way around, I favored books with lousy covers and most likely I was right. Yet I haven’t read a book since I am a grown up, only non fiction.

Advertising won’t go away anytime soon.

Old world advertising that is, the Madison Avenue kind of advertising I have been lucky enough to enjoy a good life with. And no, I haven’t watched a single airing of Mad Men nor am I horribly interested in nostalgia.

Meanwhile artists all around, book authors and movie makers must steepen themselves in selling their products and not exhaust themselves by making them.

A good product won’t cut it without the wrapping and getting the word out not only of its availability – but making its availability relevant and desired.

Excerpts, sneak previews, trailers, featurettes, making offs, third party mentions.

Remember though, that no butcher will hang his meat in the window if not for sale.



It will be made easier if your product is bound to change peoples lives and people pick up on that.

Even so, you will just have to keep inventing new ways on how people can get their hands on and around your stuff.