Are you experienced?

Are you experienced?


Laughing my fucking ass off



“I look at my plate and see mashed potatoes, a pious person looks at my plate and sees the image of Jesus. It all depends on what you are looking for, in mashed potatoes, in a book, wherever.

Does it matter that Gladwell, or any author, would pander, even employ a dog whistle or two, to reach a larger audience. I don’t think so. By using the story of the great king of Israel (David and Goliath from 1 Samuel) to make his point about underdogs, Gladwell connects with both Jews and Christians:

The story to Jews represents victory for God’s chosen people and the story to Christians foretells Jesus’s victory over sin.

Of course, those are different messages, and I don’t suppose Gladwell’s book will narrow the divide between Jews (and their emphasis on right conduct) and Christians (and their emphasis on right faith). Isn’t that the paradox of Gladwell’s new book?”


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