The new hgg single


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I’m Giving Away My Kunst


Cycloptic Myopia

Sleeping English

Shingle Peelings

Mr. Ed mushed up Daniel Clowes’ “Ghost World” with Hanna Barbera’s „Scooby-Doo‟. That’s exactly what I envision the new hhg-single release to be like

“Jävla Kärlekssång”. What is the artist trying to tell us? Mysterious world of pop holds no mysteries. All the thoughtful songs offer no fresh thinking. U2 sucks with the worst of all songs, the pep songs.

Hungry hungry ghost don’t suck. No tricks, no retro here. Friendship photographs. Laughing musicians. See hungry hungry ghost wave to the machines.

See James Bridle smile.

Watch them laugh all the way to the bank.

Exceptional talents.