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Ghostkit tools in your sidebar
Ghost Kit tools in your sidebar

WordPress headlines don’t offer an easy way (if any) to define breakpoints in headlines to avoid widows and orphins.

← The Ghost Kit plugin does with its collection of 5 universal extensions.

Albeit as a hidden gem as it is not defined as typographical control. You’ll find it under ‘Spacings’.

Ghost Kit tools in your sidebar

With your headline selected look for ‘Spacings’ in the block sidebar.

← Play with the left and right padding until you have reached an aethetical pleasing representation for the selected headline.

Preview and save.

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WordPress’ core heading block helps you pick the alignment and weight of headline (h1-h6) but it won’t help you avoid widows and orphans, nor does it help you reach a typographically aesthetically pleasing display of your important headline.

There are of course more offerings out there for heading blocks:

Return often since I will likely update my findings