~SiN~DanielX Jun 28 14

~SiN~DanielX, a new SiNNerZ recruit is breathing up my neck.



Sergeant At Arms

Mystery player Sergeant at Arms is one to have in your team



Stingray is mad now

Stingray is mad now.





Exellent gaming on Zeissel’s very fast server last week, especially Friday night. Thank you much.

New appearances by Sergeant at arms and ~SiN~DanielX, both outstanding ESR sports. Need help with ~SiN~DtanielX, another one on one would cause a heart attack. Need Maehsi to step in and take over.

As for Sergeant At Arms, I can’t tell who he is, maybe Carnegie? Can’t say, Ultrox? (evil Laugh)

Good to see Stingray make it through the ice hockey esr map, brave man, respect, he is growing worried though…

Unreal Team