“The new German Capital mag actually delivers on what should be mainstream since the financial crisis hit. 

Economy is society. 

This is no marginal phenomenon, it’s of concern to all of us and penetrantes all of our lives, which is why we aim to penetrate the economies for our readership.”

Horst von Buttlar, Capital’s Editor in Chief


It’s more effective to show best practices of astonishing new business ideas and accomplishments, that have proven efficient in people’s everyday life und serve as incentives, than wanting to penetrate something.[column width=”45%” padding=”5%”]


Bad practice

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No marginal phenomenon



Bad practice

Parents work hard in their lifetime to help their kids have a better future. Bad practice when the kids then follow their parent’s lead.

Work has never made anyone rich, set anyone free or made anyone a healthier person.


No marginal phenomenon

Capital.de has a superficial orderly appearance much like the print edition, yet it ignores technological and design developments since the Nineties and is no shining beacon for others to follow.


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