source: Fast Company CoDesign

source: Fast Company CoDesign


Re: Redesign you are looking at

Last year I witnessed how Bud Caddell came up with the decision and eventually introduced a new design for his marketing blog and I decided to steel all his ideas, with a difference.

Brooklyn friend Randi Joseph, had long exposed me as rigid even for a German, and Caddell’s design breathes an air of nonchalance. An ease of being that would help German brands with not taking themselves too serious.

The issue with me is that I see nothing wrong with taking my work serious, I mean, I have been taking my work to bed with me, so I can have a look before falling asleep.

Now, I don’t touch work before I banged my head at outlining and having filled in the paint by numbers of what the design aims at accomplishing for the intended audience. With pockets empty, I couldn’t help but keep the costs at an absolute minimum by anticipating the needed handles on the developers part.


  1. Quick access to best practices (a mouthful of orientation for my industry)
  2. Cleaner, leaner interface at the benefit of content
  3. Identification of own and shared entries (wip)


    Briefing not specifications

    Product specifications inherit a tendency to exponentially grow in volume, comparable to a telephone directory and pass responsibility on to the contractor. With a brief, I am responsible for my project, it’s not negotiable. A briefing risks interpretation on behalf of the developer, who in turn may come up with better solutions.

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    Lucida Grande

    Lucida Grande by Charles Bigelow and Kris Holmes

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    Margot by Dave Rowland





    With Petra Hammerstein’s culinary diary, came familiarity and comfort, which Lucida Grande provides the reader with. Der Mut anderer (the courage of others) is a racehorse amongst the blogs Esther and I designed, with a loyal following of a popular food blog. I find Lucida more soothing, an inexplicable hybrid of sans serif and serif fonts and less stingy on the eye than Helvetica or Times. It appears unpretentious without putting too much of a toll on elegance.

    Same goes for my choice of headline font Margot. Another hybrid, and in the words of the typographer, the result of a Mariage of Cooper Black and a common typewriter font. The aim is not to come across as highbrow intellectual and be mistaken as interior designer or an academically educated designer, which would be the case with overly aethetically pleasing designs we have come to know from art school design. Design just looks more like it, when you can feel it’s being used and abused.

    In keeping with age 56, I help with the design for business projects.



    招き猫 Beckoning wookies (waving at machines).




    Wookie illustration by daughter and comic artist Elizabeth Blue.