Germany is further falling behind in digital. And the march of time won’t change that. Knowledge transfer is broken. The gap to countries leading in digital rapidly widens.

With German tv being the exception. In early 21. century, German quality tv is picking up on the age of enlightenment of the 17th century. Documentary films are all the rage and food transforms the world. brings needed alternation into the mono culture of dominant German e-commerce. defends its ranking with 313,1 million unique visitors. It follows the offerings of T-Online, e-bay follows

Heftig is an American style news aggregator, unapologetically so. Much like Bild, a traditional yellow press newspaper, it has perfected the art of teaser headlines. A talent combining aggregated YouTube videos with catchphrases in the peoples’s voice, it attracts 18,3 million visits.

Heftig has accepted and implemented the international web standard. It sports an open source cms, responsive theme, ease of use. Aside from these and a talent with headlines, I expect other success factors not known to me. Bild has always been sensation focused but is also straightforward. has what Heftig does not have: patina.

Even though its overnight success and enormous popularity, welcome Heftig as best practice. It is well suited for European start-ups to follow the lead and for Europe to accept and adopt the web standard.

Jens Schröder’s 10000-Flies mirrors the most popular German content.

Is Heftig a German buzzfeed? By Klaus Raab in German language