Everything get’s a redesign



ICE 4:IcCx via Digitalform. Industrial Design




ICE 4:ICx Interior via Digitalform. Industrial Design




Today the ICE 4 train was introduced to the public, no word on the travel experience though

The express train will be in service next fall.

For a country plagued by technophobia, you’ll find technology details only briefly mentioned on Siemens’ pages. Siemens took home the contract to built the express train. Nor will you find much of any detail on the website of Digitalform. Digitalform was awarded the contract for the design. Both have in common, that no mention can be found on travelers or the travelling experience.

You may wonder, if travelers were even taken into account. What about things to do for travelers? What with board entertainment, or commodities such as WiFi, a small bag of nuts and tomato juice? What is with the bathrooms?

You won’t find any mention of putting the traveller first and center of the future of the German railway plans.