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German cult celebrity “Costa Fastgarnix”.
German cult celebrity “Costa Fastgarnix”.

“For Mobilcom-Debitel an era comes to an end. The era of Costa Fastgarnix1)translates to “at almost no cost, the fun Greek from Costawaswolle2)translates to “at any cost on Kreta. The mobile phone operator owes him glory, fame and, above all, an increase in revenue.”

Verena Gründel

The German television audience embraced “Costa” during the European financial crisis with the event of a luring Grexit and contributed to a more relaxed view of the crisis perhaps dampening upcoming homophobia.

No joke, in command of the German language you can learn all about the dismissal by Verena Gründel at the German trade publication:

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1. translates to “at almost no cost
2. translates to “at any cost