Beautiful execution for this international ad for German house & garden appliance manufacturer Stihl by the Goodwins to Rimsky Korsakov’s flight of the bumble bee.

The Goodwins place their bets on better communications for good sustainable products and services. Sustainability, bio conformity, animal welfare, and general social goodness are the set principles and a promise to be kept.

Alas, featuring Stihl’s wireless leaf blower is an annoyance within the given standard. It is almost as annoying as having to witness George Clooney as a spokesperson for N’espresso‘s horrific capsules. A nightmare. Just you think of majestic wales washing up ashore dead with coffee capsules in their stomach.

If you think of the Goodwill/Stihl ordeal you can’t help but arrive at the conclusion that keeping your hands off your garden might be the only responsible action to help preserve wildlife (beetles, ants, insects, bees, birds and so forth).

With that in mind, there certainly is a good use for wireless STIHL products to help with responsible garden keeping and for the Goodwill people to take good care of.