They all want something different

Should you be visiting Germany with a professional interest in FMCG, you’ll find staples of frozen pizzas by market leaders next to an suspiciously close to sold out, somewhat larger, white Pizzabox with a handwritten label in the frozen food section of local supermarkets. I’ve been observing this phenomena over a longer period of time at two different supermarket locations in Munich, Germany (Rewe on Nymphenburger Street and Edeka in Moosach in Munich).

The large pizza in the white box with the marker pen style label must be very popular when running out of stock during every day of the week, despite being being ignored in recent frozen pizza rankings with Dr. Oetker’s Ristoranti and Alnatura leading the frozen pizza pack according to FAZ.

Word of mouth and media seem to take on a lesser role as accessibility in this race for market shares.

Germany’s Federal Minister for Food, Julia Kl√∂ckner aims to decrease the serving size of unhealthy food supplies by law and market leader Dr. Oetker has already responded with a smaller pizza box((Odd measures, isn’t this as if parliament passed a law to make cigar smokers smoke the smaller in size cigarette?)), moving its product further away from what is expected from an Italian pizza.

While sporting the largest pizza box, the hipster pizza as I like to call the Gustavo Gusto pizza in the plain white box with the magic marker style label.

People want something else and they want it now.
(Introductory black box pizza before they turned white.)

Along with the change in consumer behavior a new orientation as to ones needs has set in. It seems likely that folks believe to have found a match for their new orientation in products such as the hipster pizza, goods with bio certificate, and with insurance services such as Lemonade on the other hand. A recoining is taking place of products and service responsive toward the change in behavior.

In that case, good design dissolves into behavior for the hipster pizza and lemonade insurance.