Illustration: Pat Byrnes, The New Yorker.

Illustration: Pat Byrnes, The New Yorker.


German elections 2017

6 things German marketing will definitely get wrong in the elections

  1. Emulate the viral successes of Facebook cats and the recruiting campaign of the so called ‘Islamic State’..
  2. A German substitute for successful claims made during the US elections, such as: ‘Yes. We can.” and “Make America great again.”



bvd coca cola

bvd coca cola via Adweek
Christine Birkner reports on how Coca Cola reflects on adopting a global template for advertising. A pattern to consider for the Germany brand and the upcoming election campaign: Unify don’t fragment. You’ll want to adopt a European, if not a global template for your September campaign..



  1. Disperse the voters diminishing attention span even more with promoting regional representatives, instead of directing all eyes on the star politician.
  2. Inability to “see further than the end of their nose” and use a national template instead of a European one.
  3. Fall flat in getting through ignorance with amazement and surprise.
  4. Demonstrate a lack of knowledge of human nature, optimism and credible conviction.




–––– Best regards to the team at the engine room of the Konrad Adenauer Haus in Berlin, Chancellor Merkel and Stefan Hennewig ––––


In 2005, I got to know the CDU election team at the Konrad Adenauer house in Berlin. I was the chief creative on the agency side (McCANN) handling the campaign. The idea that came up around such brief meeting to establish podcasts with Angela Merkel contributed demonstrably to the success of the campaign.