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If content is king, then context is the emperor.







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“Election Campaign”

World Class inhouse advertising

Made in Germany






Diary Alois Müller, Germany


integrated communication



With elections here and fro, the German Diary Alois Müller-Milk steps in with a far more transparent and accessible campaign of their own. Fighting growing milk rice disenchantment across the nation. Thereby providing perfect design at every touchpoint and their interfaces. An iconographic approach of introducing German politicians and what they stand for Hal Riney† wouldn’t have known how to do any better.



Ballot paper "Vote for Cinnamon" (Michaela Merkel alias Angela Merkel).

Ballot paper “Vote for Cinnamon” (Michaela Merkel alias German Chancellor Angela Merkel).

Ballot paper "Vote for chocolate" (Wolle Schwäble alias Wolfgang Schäuble)

Ballot paper “Vote for chocolate” (Wolle Schwäble alias German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble)


Election Campaign