What kept the German C&A department store from a straight forward Fridays for future campaign?

With #kids4future they are not doing anything for the brand, not for kids, not for their parents, not for the big idea of preventing the worst from happening.

If anything, #kids4future is counterproductive, perhaps being perceived as mocking the kids bringing attention to a cause. I don’t think that people will catch any of this, more likely it will be ignored.

The German brand jumps on this bandwagon of great concern all over Europe. If not ignored the brand gets crushed under such weight.


C&A #fridaysforfuture

„C&A #fridaysforfuture” would have gotten the brand into the conversation 1, AND would have been supportive of the cause instead of bringing it if anything close to mockery.

This way however the C&A brand exposed itself to the same indecision that got the Fridays for future movement going in the first place.

  1. think of the Benneton campaign[]