Florian Schmitz. Photo: Simon Taal

Dandy Florian Schmitz. Photo: Simon Taal



Not a pointer to Karl Lagerfeld, who is becoming more like Udo Lindenberg, Germany’s popular rock trooper. Respect for people degrades with the discovery that like a clock that stopped ticking, people became deadlocked.

The picture shows the German cemetery gardner Florian Schmitz, I caught a glimpse of on tv, displaying his motivation to live a life as if in German emperors times which is what he does.

His friends are usually in a rush. “Not now I have a deadline breathing up my neck” Florian Schmitz did not want to live such a life and has decelerating mechanisms help him. He grinds the beans by hand for every cup of coffee and adds more and more aids which must be handled pedantically in pursuit of a life he finds suiting.

For me the web serves as an aid setting time and pace in a fashion I feel comfortable with. It’s a slow web much more than one placing demands on me – allow the annotation – and let me say, that we have found some of the finest people at Munich’s North Cemetery.


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