Le camp Yantar, 1994 by Claudine Doury



“European prosperity and its enemies”

On Saturday, a congregation at the Munich Literature House was broadcast by BR-alpha with Sigmund Gottlieb, the chief editor of Bavarian Broadcasting, Alexander Mettenheimer from the Bavarian LB (bank) and Gabor Steingart, who gave a short introduction based on his new book “European prosperity and its enemies”, and transformed a complex issue i.e. financial crisis into easy to grasp common language.


Big problems don’t need big solutions

In sharp contrast to discussions being aired every other evening on German tv with ever the same politicians or celebrities and all too typical twaddle, the conversation of these three fine gentlemen at Munich’s literature house, a beginning, a middle part and an an end incl. an incentive toward feasible solutions.

At Munich American Highschool, I attended, speech was part of the itinerary: Say what you are going to say. Say it. Conclude what you just said.

German’s owe all three, Steingart, Gottlieb and Mettenheimer plenty of thanks for a cool, calm, collected conversation, which simply skipped the thinking blockades of accusations otherwise all too common and took the audience onto a resumption of the age of enlightenment which ended prematurely in the 17th century.


5 steps to end the bastard economy

  1. Abolishment of the budget right
  2. Decartelization of banks and politics
  3. Banks must return to being servants of society
  4. Healing assistance for the south of Europe
  5. Economic science must reinvent itself


Above bulletpoints lead to German language insights.
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