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A tweet may be the most efficient way for the reader to recommend and comment on her lecture and a most effective measure for the publisher.



Liquid design (one for all)


Liquid Design

It takes little more than a html markup in percents rather than fixed units and practice to get the design results right for all outpput devices being used out there (one code for all).

It’s been around for as long as hypertext and the web have been around.

Learn about liquid, adaptive, responsive, and static design from Nicholas Davison.


mobile social rating

Social competence

The order in which the articles appear (optional ‘most read’ menu item) is determined by reader voting in addition to for how often and for how long the article is being accessed.

The effectiveness of algorithms play an important role in the branding.

For a more personal incentive, the profile pictures of associated recommenders are displayed with the article (marked red)




Bei Bedarf: Retro.

By request: Retro.


Ihr wollt es doch auch

Isn’t that what you want, something to support you in style, something you won’t feel ashamed of?



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