Gap has all but disappeared from the European markets.
What a tease to see Gap Denim life and kicking on Facebook with half a million fans flocking to the new Gap 1969 Premium Jeans fanpage.


<em>Style-Mixer app on facebook</em>

Style-Mixer app on facebook


What you can do with the style mixer mini app:

  1. Learn benefits of born to fit—brand promise, proposition
  2. Select sex
  3. Mix and match-combine styles and get to know Gap denim
  4. Share with other facebook fans

So yes, bring your brand experiences to where the crowd hovers. The idea is to reach consumers where they are already talking about fashion, said Julie Channing, senior account director with The Gap’s digital agency, AKQA. Way to go with mini apps as AKQA elegantly makes its case. According to Kim Terry, a member of the Gap engagement marketing and public relations team in San Francisco, the style mixer was designed to be an evergreen app that would live beyond this specific campaign.

The campaign URL redirects you to the Facebook page, which acts as the cetnerpiede of the campaign:

<em>Gap shopping experience for iPad</em>

Gap shopping experience for iPad