Faris Yakob pointed to Simon Kemp’s SlideShare just yesterday. If you like icons and pep talk, you love these decks. Find John Willshire on deck 34 with a phrase that has turned business and the ad industry upside down.

A good service or product gets noticed. Pay attention to your neighborhood shops, to which people line up to and those which will close down before the end of the month.


  1. From Destination To Function
  2. The Evolution Of Brand Content
  3. An End To Egocentric Interruption
  4. From Listening To Learning
  5. Meaningful Measurement
  6. Connected Wellbeing
  7. Digital Decay
  8. Data As Individual Value
  9. Networked Economies
  10. Currencies For A Connected Age
  11. Bonus: Defining Your Own Future

Predicting the future is never easy, but the surest way to succeed is to take an active role in bringing your vision of the future to life.

Begin by challenging today’s accepted wisdom, and questioning everything you take for granted. Use your ‘ubiquitous connectivity’ to explore alternative perspectives from around the world, and share your own provocations with the world too.

The future will be what we make it.

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