NYTime front row to fashion week

Overview of entire Calvin Klein collektion…



…expands to detailed view of each piece upon touch.



If you check out one thing from this week…, besides Angela Merkel’s German election references, it’s gotta be the coverage of fashion week by the New York Times.

Two best practices of how to combine conventional design, something we have grown used to, with evolving technologies, something we are not yet used to, to an encouraging, adorable experience that is both elegant and efficient.

With Angela Merkel’s references, it’s parallax scrolling the German chancellor’s site, by which Merkel compromises her attitude toward new technologies, and with the New York Times’ coverage of the fashion week, it’s the viewing of each designer’s entire collection at a single glance. The front row experience made available for the rest of us.

Two world class experiences that make the web a more elegant and efficient space to visit.


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