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Govecs cargo scooters

Mumbai traffic

Mumbai traffic



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Grillparzer Street 18 in Munich, Germany. The Govecs Group of Companies has developed electric utility scooters. For which the world has an enormous demand if done right. India alone holds an existing 132.55 million market. Expect China and the following, next largest markets to follow. Japan, Indonesia, Thailand, and Italy. Remember some movements that came with the emergence of social networks.MADE IN MUNICHWatch Burberry’s celebrated successes with artofthetrench.com in the above video to the right.

Trends that may play out for Govecs::





Broad demand

—21 million e-bikes where purchased in China during 2008
—4x as many bikes a cars

—India – 132.55 million
—Japan, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Italy, Russia, Brazil.



Nostalgia and Euro memorabilia

Not long ago and the general impression of European streets was marked by anything small and agile. Small cars, strange cargo vehicles, motor scooters, engine noise, and plenty of honking. Famous hollywood pictures helped build the image of small, tight, and agile. Desirable values by today’s start-ups.





Subculture & fashions

Pictures from Brixton with countless mods on scooters along the waterfront. The movement carried or were carried by their own music. That of The Who, and in a second wave by The Jam,