John V Willshire is back with a new version of the ‘Are Brands Fracking The Social Web’ talk.


Here you have 137 slides to sift through over the weekend. Recommended and well worth your time, should you be a marketing practitioner and have already been banging your head for some time at what branding transforms to on the web (even for branding yourself).



All I have for you are principles



Same here.

Principles, an intelligence capable of conceiving the end and realizing that certain actions must be taken to achieve the goal, are the best brief you can give or get once you have reached a solid self-understanding and know just what you need get accomplished and want others to help you with.



Social networks are about people not content, the opportunity is to create something to talk about - Graeme Wood



With people its all about what they want to believe in. And what people want to believe in has everything in common with fashion and despair.

Willshire throws in a comparison with the music components melody and rythmn. Look at what ryhtmn can do for your digital nature.



Feeling the rhythm is more important than knowing the tune @johnmaeda



For rappers is was important that the beat of a song could be caught by bystanders the moment a mean machine comes around the corner with its boom boxes in the trunk and disappear in a distance only seconds later. The beat must catch on with bystanders within that moment the car makes its turn. No need to hear the whole song. A little physics that helped rap become a dominant force at a time it seemed impossible to outperform best selling hard rock.

With melody (the tone of voice of your brand/blog…) it’s quite the opposite. It must be heard in full, with attention paid and a degree of involvement for the song to leave an impression.

The other aspect of feeling the rythmn is the trust your brand/blog builds with its chronicle over time. It’s the continuity you’ll be trusted by, the rythmn felt when in touch with your brand, your product.