We all know about Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin, true entrepreneurs before the word was even in use. But what about the other Founding Fathers?

Curious about the paths the signatories followed, Bill Murphy Jr. found an 1829 book, Lives of the Signers to the Declaration of Independence by Rev. Charles A. Goodrich. As it turns out, most of those who signed the Declaration of Independence started or ran their own businesses.

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Source: LIFE. via this isn't happiness™

Source: LIFE. via this isn’t happiness™



A rather small bunch of practitioners of three distinct trades were capable of abstract thinking (one to many). They were capable of cohesive writing, transforming their philosophies into understood principles. What has changed? How did principles get lost on their way to world wide capitalism? Or did they? How are we united?



Lawyers, doctors, heirs, selfmade women & men

ACADEMICS       –       HEIRS       –       SELF-MADE WOMEN & MEN



We are united in consumerist monoculture.

An unfortunate constellation of creating a world proletariat.


US flag vignette


Obviously sharing is what people like doing. Sharing resolves consumerist monoculture.

Sharing still needs to get done right.



Enter Medium 1.0. While there are some questions as to what exactly Medium aims to be, there is no question that it’s already a beautiful product. As a writer, it’s evolving into exactly the tool I want to use when writing. It started with a focus on the fundamentals: words. Now the product is wrapping those words in an obvious trapping that has long been under-appreciated in writing: images.