Lit cargo scooter

From adored busyness in the Old World (Alfonso Cevola)
to global busyness in the metros of the new world.



Tell me the cost of life on earth. Lit Motors has the answer. $24,000 USD. Once a good number of those doing well have made their reservations for the elegant C1 model, Lit Motors founder Daniel Kim may find a way to reduce the cost of the cargo scooter to the availabity of family- and small sized businesses. Small retailers make for critical mass in the emerging markets.



Domino effect

Domino effekt: Transforming the Old World
to the new world has become visible, hence graspable.



The world can exhale. Once the majority of emerging markets, in particular the Chinese population can keep with old habits on a Lit Cargo Scooter, the CO₂ mischief will have been removed from the face of the earth.

For once it will take more than a perfect product, a Kickstarter campaign and the accompanying mouthful of WOM to rid the earth from CO2₂ mischief – Lit Motors may want to consider the spin doctors at Victors & Spoils and get in touch with John Winsor.


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