Fifth finalist to enter semifinals of German woman magazine Brigitte’s Food Blog Award 2011.

Petra Hammerstein’s ‘Der Mut Anderer‘ (the courage of others) now competes with Chef Hansen, Gourmet Guerrilla, Photisserie, New Kitch on the Blog. (read on)

The jury consisting of the magazine’s editors will announce the winner by end of the month.


Developer: webmatter, Berlin

Design: twenty ten, Munich

Illustration: Elizabethan Days, Eugene, OR


What the visitor can do on the courage of others



Foodblogger Petra Hammerstein

Requires your company on her culinary journey.

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Only what’s necessary

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Step photos

Was coined by the editors of German magazine Brigitte.

Preparation made to grasp one step at a time

With her new Leica V-Lux 20, Petra could improve the quality of her imagery.

A good story

Recipes and their demonstration in pictures are embedded in the stories of their organisation.